About Response Mine Digital
Response Mine Digital is a subsidiary of Response Mine Interactive, which has been at the forefront of the direct response marketing industry for more than 20 years. We’re dedicated to the premise that your success begins with a strategy tailored to your unique business needs – and we’re committed to helping you outperform the competition.

Our core values and beliefs

We believe in fair dealing, honesty, a strong effort and being thankful. These are the seven guiding principles by which we operate Response Mine Digital.
Our word is our bond.

If we commit to doing something, we do it. We make agreements with care and we tell the truth.

Our word is
our bond.
We encourage our employees to innovate.

Ninety percent of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 at its inception are gone. The implication? All business must evolve to thrive. Our employees are vital to that innovation.

We encourage our
employees to innovate.
We strive for excellence.

Quality is scaleable. Our clients deserve high-quality thinking and output and our business is designed to deliver.

We strive for
We do not take advantage of others.

One school of business teaches you get what you negotiate. We believe the best business is built on a fair exchange of value. This is the only way for both parties to win.

We do not take
advantage of others.
We respct each other’s property.

Whether items or ideas, we do not tolerate theft in any form.

We recognize performance.

Every day in our company there are heroic efforts and brilliance. We aspire to see them and recognize the contribution of each team member. This, to us, is what makes business so much fun.

We recognize
We are grateful.

Thankfulness is like water and sunshine on your garden: they are essential to growth. Response Mine Digital wouldn’t be in its third decade if not for the trust and confidence of our clients and employees. We are extremely grateful.

We are
Leadership Team
We’re not your average marketing agency. Instead of departments, we have wholly contained teams. Instead of fixed budgets, we use monthly operating ratios. The goal is to speed service and achieve results for our clients. Our executives aren’t just marketing experts—they’re well-trained in goal setting, system dynamics, throughput accounting, public speaking, talent coaching and development.

Ken Robbins

Founder and CEO

When Ken left Georgia Tech and started to work in real estate, he knocked on hundreds of doors every week and quickly became the youngest board-certified, multi-million-dollar producer at age 24. More importantly, behind one of those doors was an ad agency owner who recruited Ken into advertising and eventually provided backing when he founded Response Mine Interactive in 2001. He’s bas been innovating ever since.

Best advice he’s heard: “What you think is happening, is actually a small part of a larger system.”

What inspires him: Discovering new leverage points that enable Response Mine to grow our company while helping our clients grow theirs.

His most valuable skill: Using an analytical approach to solve any challenge or problem.

Igor Vladimirovskiy

VP, Data & Analytics

Igor, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia who has lived in Atlanta for 30+ years, began his marketing career at Response Mine in 2005 as a search manager. He left us – earning an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Juris Doctorate degree – and now he’s back as a well-rounded, seasoned marketing leader.

Best advice he’s heard: Don’t let complexity overwhelm you. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – find a starting place and get going.”

 What inspires him: Helping marketers solve complex problems by leveraging data-centered solutions. Working smarter, not harder. 

His most valuable skill: The ability to understand, breakdown and organize complicated environments/relationships/phenomena into digestible and meaningful components.

David Secrest

EVP, Media and Operations

David, a graduate of the top University in the Nation (Go Dawgs), has 20+ years of experience with progressively increasing responsibilities in diverse environments, including Fortune 500 and fast-growing multi-million-dollar corporations at both brands and agencies.

Best advice he’s heard: “Care, really care. But not THAT much.” This quote for me is all about perspective and the importance of keeping everything we do in context.

What inspires him: Seeing good people to do great things by rowing their own boat.  

His most valuable skill: Working with teams to set and follow through on ambitious goals that align with a companies strategic goals.

Mark Hamilton

VP, Finance

Mark has been in accounting for more than 20 years, including 15 with a digital marketing agency. He became an accountant after working as an auditor, a tax professional and a manual laborer. He like accounting best because of the inspiration he draws draws from making things more efficient, timely and accurate, with less effort.

Best advice he’s heard: “Get comfortable with your discomfort.” It comes from the yoga teachings Mark embraces and is best summarized, he says, by the word “surrender.”

What inspires him: Fixing systems and making things more efficient, timely and accurate with less effort. 

His most valuable skill: To be diplomatically honest.