Advanced Video Marketing for Retailers 

As the attention span of the average consumer continues to decrease, finding ways to capture their attention and drive consumers to take action is key. The most effective method to break through the marketing noise has become video marketing. In fact, 35% of consumers acknowledge that they are more likely to watch a video than to read text. That’s why the focus for retailers should be how to create engaging videos and position them to convert. 

Video marketing should not take a one size fits all approach. Instead, you’ll want to follow a few key video creation and promotion strategies. 

  1. Create a standard structure. Your video marketing should fit within your larger branding strategy and feel like part of your brand. To achieve this, it is important to think about the goal of your video and how you can structure it to be both clear for consumers and follow a logical progression. Taking a “problem-solution” approach in creating your video content can be a highly effective way to showcase the exact benefits your products or services can provide. The key is to spend time establishing what you want your general video structure to look like and use it throughout your video campaigns as a template for each video. 
  1. Establish video branding guidelines. It is important for your video campaigns to support and convey your overall brand. This includes being intentional about how you create your videos and ensuring that the types of colors, fonts, and messaging that you use in your videos match what you already use in your existing marketing campaigns. You want your target audience to immediately recognize your video marketing as part of your brand. It may be helpful to establish the same branded intro and outro for all of your videos. Naming videos that are part of a sequence is additionally helpful. 
  1. Identify strong calls-to-action (CTAs). When your audience sees your videos, you want to make it both clear what you have to offer and what you want your audience to do next. Is it buying a new product? Registering to be added to a VIP list? Is it going to a website? Whatever the action is that you want them to take, be clear and concise with your call to action. It is also important to test various CTAs and use A/B testing to your advantage to hone in on the most effective CTAs for your audience. 

Not sure how to craft and position your video marketing? Let us know and we will be happy to help. With decades of digital marketing experience, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your video campaigns and share how you may be able to enhance them with some practical digital strategies.