Bolster Your ROI by Winning the Customer Experience


If the pandemic has taught us one thing about building a telehealth brand, it’s this: your patient experience shapes if patients will use your telehealth services. With many healthcare providers offering some form of telemedicine, the fastest way to stand out is in providing a superior patient experience. From how easy it is for patients to book an appointment, to how user-friendly your telehealth platform is, to even the level of follow-up after the appointment are all key parts that will shape your telehealth offering. 

What’s at stake if you fall short on anything less than a stellar patient experience? 

Your brand’s reputation. 

With everything shifting to a heavy online focus, it’s easier than ever for dissatisfied patients to leave a negative review for the world to see. And, with 72% of all patients reading reviews beforechoosing a telehealth provider, negative reviews can quickly damage your brand and credibility. 

So, the question becomes, what can you do to enhance the online patient experience? 

Here are three things to consider. 


Patients do not want to be treated the same. They value healthcare providers that can address their unique needs, medical histories, and preferences. From remembering what services they’ve used, to sending them an email for their birthday, to even offering tailored recommendations to them, patients want a personalized experience. In fact, 80% of patients are more likely to purchase a product or service from a healthcare brand that offers a personalized user experience. 


The days of waiting months to see a doctor or a specialist are numbered. The crisis-oriented patient especially wants to have access to the medical care they need, when they need it, on their terms. Providing flexible hours, same-day or evening appointments, and a full suite of telehealth options are how top healthcare brands are differentiating themselves. 


With the emergence of telehealth, especially among older patients, the ease of use with technology is an important factor. If your platform is hard to navigate, requires a host of technical plug-ins or doesn’t provide a seamless user experience this can negatively impact your brand. Researchers have found that when the technology platform is seamless, 79% of patients will book a follow-up appointment or other telehealth services. When you invest in the right technology to deliver your telehealth services, not only will you enhance how your patients receive care, but you’ll also increase your revenue per patient. 

If you haven’t already audited your telehealth offering to ensure that you’re providing an exceptional patient experience, then now is the time to do so.  

Not sure what to look for or how to elevate your telehealth services to be more user friendly?  

Let’s connect. We’d be happy to provide some strategic recommendations that you can implement this week. 

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