Creating a Magnetic E-Commerce Value Proposition 

Standing out in the e-commerce market is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. With the average consumer being bombarded with over 5,000 marketing messages a day, having your health brand break through the white noise can be challenging. But, the best way to do that is with a highly compelling value proposition that both resonates with your ideal client but is concise enough to understand. By combining health benefits to high-value audiences with high levels of service are a fantastic marketing value proposition.  

To effectively do this, however, health brands need to be clear on who their target audience is. For example, a treadmill manufacturer may market their product to anyone looking to increase their cardio activity. But, how the treadmill is positioned will depend on the demographics of the intended audience. As an example, a treadmill could be marketed to senior citizens as a way to ensure their long-term mobility. Or, the treadmill could be positioned for weight lifters or those who are looking for a way to cross-train and increase their endurance. The importance is to be clear on the audience so you can craft a compelling value proposition that speaks to them. 

Here are three other things to consider when it comes to a magnetic e-commerce value proposition. 

  1. What are your customer’s pain points? When your health brand can solve your prospect’s problem then the value proposition becomes immediately self-explanatory. The more you can position your health product as an effective, affordable, or convenient solution to their problem, the easier it is to convert online browsers into loyal customers. 
  1. What are the key benefits you provide? Be clear on what key benefits your health brand provides to consumers. For example, a treadmill can provide a form of exercise, a sense of freedom from injuries, or even an outlet for people looking to practice self-care. What’s important is to outline the features of your health product and tie each of these to a key benefit that your customers can enjoy or expect to experience. 
  1. How is your health brand different in the eyes of the health consumer? It’s an important exercise in marketing to know what others in your market are saying about their health products. This is done not to repeat their language, but to see what gaps there are in the market that your health brand’s value proposition can address.  

With your e-commerce value proposition crafted, be sure to include this as the centerpiece of your digital marketing. Whether it be on your website, social media, or even in paid advertising campaigns, your value proposition will be the first impression new customers get of your health brand. Therefore, you want to make sure your value proposition is concise, memorable, and immediately relevant to what your ideal client wants and needs.