Our Decisioning Models

Incrementality Decisioning

Optimize spend and targeting like never before.

A unified view of performance across every channel equips your team with the insight to make intelligent decisions that result in more effective marketing tactics and better overall results. 

Each channel across your go-to-market strategy presents
a multitude of decisioning challenges.

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Get 360° visibility across every marketing channel.

Our proprietary Incrementality Decision Model allows you to double-click on specific marketing channels or tactics so you always have the accurate information you need to make the right decisions – in as little as a few hours.

Stop agonizing over where and when to shift your marketing dollars with a reliable data analysis process that empowers you to make every decision quickly and with confidence. 

Data-Driven Decisioning

Make cross-channel budget allocations with confidence.

You need to attract more leads through the funnel, but you only have so much budget. From paid search to Pinterest, it doesn’t require a guessing game to determine the right allocation to ensure the best return. 

See all your channels through a single pane of glass.

Our proprietary Data Driven Decision Model creates layers of data pulled from multiple Incrementality Decision Models for a comprehensive look at all your channels and tactics.   

Drilling down to identify optimal combinations of cross-channel tactics and budget allocation to ensure the best possible bottom-line outcomes just got much easier. 

Stop worrying about losing out on performance and profits with a unified view of all your channels so you can easily compare and measure them against each other, including:  

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