Fine-Tuning Your Telehealth Marketing Using Segmentation


One thing for telehealth providers is true: you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to your healthcare marketing. By ignoring or otherwise being unaware of who your most valuable patients are, then you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to speak directly to them in your messaging.  

Audience Segmentation 

Understanding the various audiences you serve, how they consume your marketing, what services they’re likely looking for, and even what resonates with them is a powerful tool to increase your marketing ROI. The messaging that may work to compel a tech-savvy parent to book a telehealth appointment for their child may be very different messaging than what would speak to a technology-adverse senior citizen.  

That’s why the important question telehealth providers must be asking is: Who are our most valuable patients?  

If you cannot answer this question, then it is time to focus your time and efforts on clearly identifying who is in this incredibly powerful segment. Whether you’re selling medical services or medical supplies, knowing who your most valuable customers are is key to knowing how to attract them through precise marketing. 

Telehealth Patients: How They’re Different  

For telehealth, patients who utilize your telehealth service only one time are very different from those repeat patients. And the messaging and promotional approach you take will need to be tailored to each segment accordingly. 

Many times, your repeat patients can generate two- to five times more profit for your practice. They’re also the same segment that is more likely to refer your practice to family and friends, give you positive reviews for your services, and engage with your telehealth brand. By catering to your most valuable patients, you can quickly grow your brand and position yourself as the top telehealth provider. 

How to Identify High-Value Patients  

When you take the time to segment your patients and understand what differentiates each segment, then you’re able to be strategic with your messaging and choose the right marketing channel that will generate more of the segments you want to attract. This in turn will help you to produce a better return on your marketing investment (ROMI). 

If you need help identifying your highest-value patient segments, consider the following questions: 

  • Have you analyzed your current patient population and segmented based on lifetime value? 
  • Have you segmented your current patient population based on # of visits and services provided? 
  • Have you developed personas that represent the types of patients you want to attract to your telehealth practice? 
  • Do you have defined marketing goals and KPIs by channel? 
  • Do you have dedicated marketing budgets by channel to achieve your KPIs? 
  • Do you know how many new customers were acquired last month by each of your marketing channels? 
  • Can you track a new patient through your marketing funnel all the way through their appointment? 

Start Segmenting Now  

If you struggle to answer the questions above, then it’s time to get started with segmenting your audience. That means investing the time to understand not just the services your patients utilize within your practice, but who your repeat patients are and how they find your practice. This strategic insight alone can position you to skyrocket your patient base and attract the right patients, at the right time, with the right messaging. 

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