Should My Telehealth Brand Use Trending Keywords to Market Our Services? 


As the pandemic has spread throughout the world, many healthcare systems and medical practices have rapidly adopted or quickly evolved their telehealth offerings. This seismic shift has led to a lot of noise and competition in the telehealth space which has made differentiation a bit of a challenge. Crafting a compelling marketing strategy aimed at keeping your telehealth brand top of mind and relevant to your target audience is a key to winning new patients/customers.  

By understanding who your best customer prospect is, where they spend their time online and what their interests are, you can create a strategy that utilizes the right mix of digital marketing channels while maximizing your budget. You can also take advantage of trending keywords as part of your content marketing strategy. 

If you have an existing content marketing strategy, you should already be using keywords and phrases to improve your telehealth ranking. These foundational keywords are what we call “evergreen” keywords and serve as the building blocks of your SEO program. However, as the market shifts and consumer preferences evolve, you can take advantage of trending keywords to improve your brand’s engagement and awareness with potential customers. The key to effectively leveraging trending keywords is understanding how and when to incorporate them into your marketing campaigns.  

To figure out if using trending keywords is the right approach to take, consider these three questions. 

  1. Is what is trending applicable to your customers/patients? You don’t want to jump on the “trend” bandwagon unless you can make an immediate and relevant connection between the trend, your brand and your prospective audience. Your decision to participate in the “trending conversation” by including trending keywords in your marketing and content should be motivated by your company’s values and beliefs, not by the prospect of increasing sales. It should also align with your brand story and be positioned in a way that will increase engagement with your customers/patients. Take, for example, Nike, who during the pandemic did not “jump on the trend” and start charging for their online workout program, The Living Room Cup, like other fitness-related companies did. Instead, they made it free for their customers and provided increased value by incorporating celebrity athlete workouts and challenges. It has a witty name which also captures its audiences’ attention. Another example is  Burger King who launched a Lockdown Whopper campaign in Brazil to engage their customers through their mobile app to stay positive during the pandemic. And of course, to remind their customers that Burger King was open and ready to serve them. 
  1. By engaging with this trend am I able to provide relevant and useful content? If the answer is yes, then by all means, jump in! As long as you keep your patients at the center of your content strategy and craft content that is valuable to them, then you can’t go wrong. It’s equally important to ensure that the trend you decide to engage with also aligns with your brand. For example, there are plenty of ways to engage your patients around the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharing ways your practice is addressing patient concerns regarding COVID-19 could prove to be a very effective way to leverage the current keyword trends in a meaningful and authentic way.  
  1. Does it make sense for my business as a brand? If your business has put a stake in the ground in support of different causes and a current trend aligns with one of those causes, then you should definitely find a way to participate with your content marketing. Having a prominent page on your website that outlines the causes you support could be one way to communicate with your patients around which initiatives are important to your brand. Find ways to make the connection between what’s trending (when it makes sense for your business) to how it can impact or improve your level of care with your patients. Perhaps as a result of the pandemic, you are now offering more telehealth options or reducing your fees to provide relief for families that can’t afford medical treatment. Or as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, you are investing more in diversity and equity initiatives to improve the level of representation among the medical staff for your patients. It is important to keep in mind that many of your patients engage with and care about many of the same causes as you.  

For more inspiration around this topic, check out these three well-known brands and how they are using their content to promote the causes they care about: Lego, Levi Strauss, and Toms

Don’t feel pressured to use every trending keyword in your marketing campaigns. By being highly selective and leveraging only those keywords that speak to your audience and your brand, you’ll be able to generate positive and meaningful engagement with your company and its values. 

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