Social Media Video Advertising: Snapchat Long Form Video 

When it comes to having the highest conversion rates for social media ads, storytelling formats are reigning supreme. It can be challenging to tell a compelling enough story to convince consumers to buy with shorter-form video ads, especially on Snapchat. 

That’s why Snapchat’s Long Form Video format has been a game changer for health brands looking to stand out and use the platform to drive sales. These videos have to be at least 15 seconds in length but do not have a maximum time length, which is why they can be a very profitable format for health brands. 

However, the sweet spot for long-form Snapchat videos tends to be between 1-1.5 minutes long with a highly-compelling 15-second video intro opener. It’s important to keep in mind that with these video types, users will automatically see the first 15 seconds and then they have the option to continue to watch the ad. 

If the video opener is not engaging for the consumer, then they will never click to see the rest of the Snapchat ad. Health brands that are able to powerfully create a strong, appealing theme, and captivating storyline throughout their long-form ads will be in a better position to increase product sales and brand awareness. 

Here are some other important long-form video ad features you’ll want to take advantage of: 

  1. Add captions. Not every Snapchat user will watch your long-form ad with the volume on. To make the ad both accessible for everyone and easy to follow without volume, add captions that are easy to read throughout. Market researchers found that by adding captions, viewers watched 40% more of the video
  1. Use b-roll. While selfie-style videos work well for shorter Snapchat ads, longer-form ads will need to take full advantage of transitions, engaging b-roll, onscreen text, and other visual elements. The key will be to figure out what can be both interactive for the viewer while also in line with your health brand. 
  1. Build the storyline. In the direct response world, we refer to the opening of a video as a “hook”. The more you can craft a storyline for your ad, the more compelling your video ad will be for viewers as well. For example, the storyline may be around a customer’s success story or it could be around debunking a common health myth or challenge that your health brand helps consumers overcome. 

The sky really is the limit when it comes to how to create long-form video content for Snapchat ads. The important thing to keep in mind is that you won’t know exactly what resonates with your target audience until you start testing different video ad options and styles. The more metrics you can collect and analyze on a regular basis, then the more informed you’ll be in the video ad creation process.