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Wahoo Fitness wanted to catch the attention of busy consumers and get them to visit their website to learn about their benefits. We did just that with a content campaign that drew hundreds of thousands of readers.

The challenge: The goal was simple: Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the Wahoo website. The client recognized the challenge of getting a message across when most consumers are on mobile devices and have a brief attention span. 

Our solution: We created a New Year’s resolution campaign, with blog posts that explained the benefits of Wahoo’s service and products, which in this case included a heart rate monitor that helps athletes train smarter. 

The results: The top three posts all drew more than 100,000 readers. Potential customers engaged in social media conversations about the product, which is a signal of intent. 

The challenge: Back Pain Centers of America had a reputation for finding great care for qualified patients. But they needed help cutting through the digital noise to compete with major healthcare brands. 

Our solution: We implemented an integrated SEO, content marketing and social media strategy, including a blog, an active social media presence, 55 new web pages and 83 new local pages. 

The results: Traffic to the blog increased dramatically, gaining 40,000 impressions a month and 1,000 additional readers. With new pages optimized for SEO targeting, organic traffic grew by more than 100 percent. 

The challenge: Many patients lacked transportation to their facility, so BRMC created a telehealth app and tasked RMI with leading a campaign to boost awareness and drive downloads and virtual doctor visits. 

Our solution: We implemented Universal App Campaigns via Google Ads to promote app installs. After install/first open volume increased, we launched campaigns targeted on the lowest funnel in-app actions that met the daily minimum for conversions.  

The results: These campaigns drove higher volume and better direct response results. The final numbers: 1,700 downloads, 1,263 app enrollments (cost per enrollment $19), and 318 doctor visits (cost per visit $78).