What Can Digital Strategy Do for Telehealth Marketing?


In what ways has digital strategy become imperative for telehealth companies’ growth? 

Today’s patients are health consumers who expect convenience, demand transparency and shop healthcare services. These behaviors are shaped by the digital experiences these patients have become accustomed to in the connected online world.  

While healthcare has been implementing technology app-based communication to drive revenue and grow its services in hard to reach areas, this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the potential that digital holds for the growth of the telemedicine industry. 

According to expert Stewart Gandolf, interaction on digital platforms is becoming the consumer expectation – not the exception. 

By developing a strong digital strategy that addresses new patient expectations and by utilizing digital channels to market telehealth services anytime, anywhere, and on any device you will drive growth of your telehealth practice. Engagement techniques like live-streaming question and answer sessions with your staff, providing general health tips with a blog or through an app, and sending news about your company through your Facebook page or Twitter feed are just some of the ways that today’s telehealth marketers are defining a benchmark for audience activation. 

Foundations in Digital Strategy for Telehealth 

Channels & Assets 

If your goal is better conversion and patient acquisition results, it helps to think of all your marketing efforts through two lenses: channels and assets. Assets are the highest value items in your marketing portfolio. Some examples include: website content, social content, email lists, creative, videos, downloadables and landing page content.  

Channels are vehicles to deliver assets either through organic means or buying traffic and pointing that traffic toward your assets. Examples of paid channels include Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Display Ads, Paid Social (think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and Native Advertising to name a few.  

In order to reap the highest yields from your acquisition marketing, you don’t just need great media buying and targeting – you also need compelling assets. Your content and assets are the keys to unlocking growth. Without quality digital content – web pages, social media content, videos and downloadable educational materials – your ads won’t be able to deliver the kind of performance you need to grow.  

The SEO Benefits of Content 

Another benefit of investing in your proprietary web content and social channels is that your organic search results will begin to improve and grow as you continue to invest in creating best-in-class content that follows SEO best practices. 

Patients and customers need a reason to believe that your telehealth option is the right choice – for them. By identifying the truth about your product or service – what makes it great now and what can make it better from the standpoint of the customer – you can unlock the secret to great content. 

The Secret Power of VOC Data 

By mining voice-of-customer (VOC) sentiment, you can discover the language that people use to describe why they love your product or service. 

Often, these are the best taglines and headlines for your landing pages. And they’re hiding in plain sight. 

Equally important in the digital space is social proof. That’s why social media and online reviews are essential. People turn to Facebook and Twitter to crowdsource solutions to their problems. 

Once you’ve figured out the key to tapping into this type of authentic sentiment, you can redouble your paid media efforts to target more of your best customers with a message that is sure to resonate. 

Need help defining and executing your digital strategy? Send us a note and let us know what goals you’re working toward as a brand. We would be happy to help. 

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