Real Growth Requires
a Real Growth Agency

You did it! Product demand and YoY revenue is at an all-time high, operations are steadily expanding into new markets, and your workforce is stronger than ever. Your business is growing.

Congratulations! You can finally kick back and watch your profits soar, right?

Let’s face it, you know that more growth actually means more challenges for your business to overcome.

The hard truth is—if you don’t have the right growth marketing expertise in place to keep your trajectory on track, your growth strategy will only take you so far.

RMD helps you scale to meet the demand.

We know, navigating your business successfully across each phase of growth isn’t exactly easy. But, when your business reaches new plateaus, implementing the right strategic growth plan can be the difference between $2M and $200M in revenue.

Response Mine Digital is a true, growth marketing agency with the decisive marketing insights and expertise you need to build, track, and energize every aspect of your go-to-market strategy… expanding your brand… broadening your reach… and rapidly scaling your business across every phase of growth.

Stage 1


Attracting Customers & Delivering Products/Services

Stage 2


Striking a Balance Between Revenues & Expenses

Stage 3


Expanding or Maintaining Stability?

Stage 4


How to Grow Fast & How to Fund Growth?

Stage 5

Resource Maturity

How to Consolidate & Control Financial Gains?

The RMD Strategic Advantage

Accurate measurement across every campaign & channel

Effective allocation of budget for sales & high-value audiences

Balanced brand investment across every channel—social, broadcast, paid media

Conversion optimization

Effective audience capture with best-in-class CRM

Staffing & resource development for success

A continuous flywheel built to fuel your growth

No matter what phase of growth you’re at, we’ll tailor our proven growth marketing methodologies around your business’ unique aspirations and goals. Together, we’ll identify the best, high-impact expansion opportunities through rigorous testing, measurement, and careful budget management considerations and create a high-powered flywheel of growth that’s designed to keep your business moving forward … as fast as possible.

The RMD Growth Framework

Rigorous Measurement

When your business is growing, channels proliferate and measuring their success can be a significant challenge. That’s why we’ll build you a solid foundation for growth that seamlessly integrates new media channels into your GTM mix and ensures that everything is tracked with precision. We’re absolutely obsessed with preventing double counting of new sales channels and constantly monitor your conversion rates to minimize volatility and ensure your growth is grounded in reliable data.

Media Expansion Testing

Emerging media and new markets present real opportunities for growth but can also come with real risks to your business. We’ll help you proceed with confidence by effectively managing your budgets and carefully mitigating potential risks through weekly performance reviews and effective management of creative to ensure every format and strategy is continually optimized to achieve the best results across each channel.

Best-in-Class Customer Leverage

Our strategy is laser-focused on finding more of your best customers. This means we’ll steer you clear of scattershot, boil-the-ocean approaches and help you focus on cultivating higher lifetime value customers and improving your conversion rates overall. You’ll experience more efficient growth driven by higher-quality engagements.

Mid & Upper Funnel Media Expansion

Do you have a solid grasp of how far your brand’s influence can take you? We’ll show you how to invigorate the power of your brand by expanding into new markets and engaging all-new audiences. By meticulously and accurately analyzing every of facet of your channel contributions and attribution, we’ll ensure every media decision you have to make aligns with your short- and long-term growth objectives.

Rigorous Budget Management

Money spent unwisely is growth lost. Our rigorous budget management techniques are focused on helping you maximize every dollar. By conducting diminishing return curve analyses, identifying the next best investment opportunities, and providing forecasts and projections, we’ll empower you to make significantly more informed decisions that lead to tangible growth.

Let’s Fuel Your Growth Journey

We’re not just your Growth Marketing agency; we’re your partners in progress.

Ready to get started?
Call or email CEO Ken Robbins today!

Ready to get started? Call or email CEO Ken Robbins today.

Test, Learn, and Grow

We’ll implement a reliable framework for consistent and ongoing testing and experimentation. This involves assigning appropriate testing resources, incorporating inventive variations, embracing platform diversity, and setting aside a dedicated testing budget that makes sense. We’ll help you establish transparent tracking and reporting methods that assess the effectiveness and value of additional tactics and channels of growth.

Unveil Your Hidden Potential

Our modern and successful growth marketing techniques go far beyond the traditional. We embrace cutting-edge technologies to predict customer behavior and deliver hyper-targeted campaigns.

We’ll create a custom, full-stack solution to help you quickly acquire new customers and retain your most valuable ones by implementing a growth strategy that incorporates:

Every Channel Optimized

From social media and content marketing to email campaigns and SEO strategies, we’ll help you navigate the multitude of available Growth Marketing channels at every stage of the marketing funnel. We’ll tailor an approach with growth marketing campaigns that align with your business objectives. Our insights will empower you to make informed decisions that drive meaningful results. 

Next-Gen Creative That Works

We’ll take your campaigns to the next level with creative solutions that go beyond helping your brand stand out by incorporating high-impact go-to-market tactics that help your brand’s value resonate effectively with the right audiences at the right time, seeking to improve conversion rates and ensure that incoming traffic is primed before it reaches your landing pages.

Fast-Track to Success

(a.k.a: Growth)

Rapid expansion requires a vision guided by data and accompanied by a decisive and dynamic action strategy. We’ll collaborate with you to formulate, prioritize, connect insights across channels, and ultimately drive your growth forward … fast.

Our Growth Marketing Services

Decisioning Models 

Whether it’s bid management, budget allocation or customer targeting, the right data model can help your team make better decisions for predictable results and growth. 

Analytics services icon


Untangle your toughest budgeting decisions, tactics and impact opportunities across every channel with our data decisioning models. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services icon

SEO & Content

Increase organic traffic, build brand credibility, and convert more leads with our proprietary insights that show you the best ways to optimize your SEO. 

Paid Media services icon

Paid Media

Drive more highly targeted traffic with the right mix of analytics, demographic data, and budget control to maximize ROI for every campaign. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth marketing operates on the principle of continuous experimentation and optimization. It involves analyzing user data, testing hypotheses, and refining strategies to achieve sustainable business growth. By identifying high-impact opportunities and adapting in real-time, growth marketing ensures consistent progress. 

The benefits of growth marketing are manifold. It leads to increased revenue, market share, and customer engagement. Additionally, growth marketing fosters brand loyalty, amplifies customer satisfaction, and delivers higher return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional marketing methods.

Growth marketing's effectiveness lies in its data-driven and adaptable nature. By leveraging insights from user behavior, growth marketing experts can fine-tune strategies for optimal results. This approach ensures that campaigns are tailored to resonate with target audiences, leading to improved conversions and sustained growth.

Modern growth marketing transcends conventional marketing approaches. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics, to predict customer behavior and deliver hyper-targeted campaigns. This forward-thinking methodology maximizes the impact of marketing efforts.

Growth marketing channels encompass various platforms and methods used to reach and engage target audiences. These may include social media, content marketing, SEO, email campaigns, influencer partnerships, and more. The goal is to identify the most effective channels for your business's growth objectives.

Transitioning from brand marketing to growth marketing involves a shift in focus from solely building brand awareness to driving measurable outcomes. This transition requires analyzing customer data, optimizing marketing strategies, and embracing data-driven experimentation to achieve sustainable growth.

Growth marketing differs from traditional marketing by prioritizing data-driven strategies and measurable results. While traditional marketing focuses on creating brand awareness, growth marketing centers on continuous optimization, experimentation, and adapting strategies based on real-time insights to achieve tangible business growth.