Insights with Impact: Maximize Your Social Media Analytics 

Don’t Get Stuck on Vanity Metrics 

All too often furniture retailers measure their social media success by the number of likes or shares their content is able to generate. Instead, you should focus on the conversion rates of your social media posts. Without understanding what pieces of content (if any) are driving higher sales, then you could be sinking money into social media strategies that are not moving the needle. This is where implementing a robust marketing analytics system can be effective in tying sales back to specific pieces of social media content. With that information in hand, you can better determine what images, language, even calls-to-action to use in future posts. 

Measure Your Potential Reach 

Most social media platforms allow you to view your post impressions among your target audience. It is important to pay special attention to those posts that generate a significantly higher impression reach. Generally, video content performs better than heavily text-based posts, and posts tied to current events or viral issues also garner more organic brand impressions. 

Keep an Eye Out on Your Competitors 

Making it a weekly practice to analyze the engagement and types of posts your competitors are posting should be an essential part of how you craft your social media messaging. Studying what may be working industry-wide is an effective way to decrease the learning curve and get straight to what you know your customers are looking for and engaging with. 

Maximize Customer Care Outreach 

Knowing who your followers are and having a direct way to connect with them through social media chat features, your customer care and support teams can reach out to enhance their experience. Leading retailers are increasingly using this as a nurturing technique, which gives customers a highly-personalized interaction, moving them closer to a sale. In this way, your social media pages can (and should) become a natural extension of your customer service approach. 

Social media is an effective channel to attract, engage, and retain customers. The key is in tracking everything that you do to quantify its results, so you can continually learn and adapt to improve your marketing messaging.