Landing Page Audit: Get More Retail E-Commerce Sales 

With an incredible 44% jump in e-commerce sales in 2020, e-commerce brands are poised to continue to cash in throughout 2021. But, converting website traffic into loyal customers comes down to how effectively you can convert browsers into shoppers. The key to helping them make that seamless transition often centers around having highly compelling, easy to navigate e-commerce landing pages.  

Unlike traditional landing pages that are often information-based, an e-commerce focused one has the explicit intent to sell a product to a consumer. Though it often takes a consumer more than 2 times to visit a website before they make a purchase, there are some tried and true e-commerce landing page tips you’ll want to follow. 

Have one simple call-to-action

A confused buyer will never buy. So to eliminate the possibility of confusion, make your call to action very clear and prominent on the page. Opting for copy such as “Shop Now” or “Buy Now” is preferred over longer calls-to-action that may be harder to quickly read, such as “Grab This Style in Your Size” or “Make Your Purchase Here”. Having compelling, benefit-driven headlines at the top of your landing pages can help to set the tone for the whole page. 

Leverage high-quality images

The goal of the landing page is to sell a product or a service. For health brands, especially, the better quality images you can use to show how your product or service works the more likely people will take that next step and buy from you. Even using short explainer videos, positioned front and center on your landing page can be highly effective in increasing conversion rates. 

Make reviews and ratings visible

Researchers have found that 92% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that has positive reviews. Whether you showcase testimonials or incorporate other social proof elements on the landing page, the key is in showing prospective buyers that others are enjoying your product or service. 

Have promotions in prominent locations

Are you offering a sale? Free shipping? Have a new collection of devices? Creating landing page banners to showcase the promotions or special offers you have available can be a great way to entice website visitors to make the purchase. Additionally, offering bundles for customers to try out more of your products or services for one flat fee can be a great incentive for them to take the plunge. 

Test everything for conversion rates

Creating converting e-commerce landing pages is as much about appearance as it is about providing a seamless user experience. Brands that excel in building interactive landing pages that convert will make A/B testing a top priority.  

From determining the colors for buttons, the placement and size of text fonts, to even how the images are laid out on the page all influence if and when customers buy. To increase conversions, knowing which specific elements of your landing pages help to boost sales is mission-critical. 

If your e-commerce landing pages aren’t converting to your sales metrics, then now is the time to do a complete audit, using the items above to see where you can elevate your landing page messaging and design. Want an expert landing page review? Let’s connect and I’d be happy to help.