Simple e-Commerce Email Marketing Tips 

With the average person receiving 121 emails every day, getting your email marketing through to your target audience is a full-time job – literally. Especially when coupled with the fact that the average attention span is less than 8 seconds. That means you have one sentence or one subject line to intrigue your audience and avoid your email getting deleted. 

So, what should you do to make your email marketing stand out and warrant (at least) a click?  

Here are a few key tips to consider: 

  1. Make it clear what action you want your customer to take. Should customers click through to shop in your online store, share your company’s post, refer a friend, or do something else? Your email marketing will only be effective if you have a clear action that you want your customers to take. Without a specified action, you’ll miss the opportunity to shape their purchasing behavior and get the sale. 

As often as possible, you want to reiterate the call-to-action throughout the email and in the preview text or subject line. Leveraging bolding, highlighted text, action buttons, or hyperlinks are all effective ways to do this. 

  1. Design emails that are easy to read and interact with on the phone. With over 70% of consumers using their smartphones to read emails, you need to make all of your marketing campaigns 100% responsive. For example, consider what happens when a customer clicks on a link or a button in the email. Are they redirected to another page? Does a new browser screen automatically open up? Do they have to navigate through multiple clicks to get to a sales page? 

The key is thinking through the flow of what the customer will see and how you can streamline this on a mobile device. The more clicks a mobile user has to make, the less likely they will interact with your email at all. Also, consider loading times because they will single-handedly determine if a consumer will stick around to see what you even have to offer. 

  1. Create concise and short marketing messages. If your emails are immediately compelling or relevant, they will be deleted or left unread. Customers want to know what is in it for them as soon as they open any email promotion and they are not willing to read through lots of text to get to this point.  

Your email messaging should be very benefit-driven. Leverage bullet points and images as much as possible, and make the email easy to understand within 15 seconds.  

With the rollout of 5G already upon us and with the crisis consumer looking for the best deals online, the power of email marketing is expected to explode. Finding creative ways to engage your audience through emails could help you carve out a sizable competitive advantage.  

If you haven’t revisited your email campaigns to see how you can optimize them for results, We love to connect with you and help you analyze what’s working and what areas could use some additional support.