Social Media Video Advertising: Facebook 

In this new post-pandemic environment, leveraging videos to foster connections has been a highly successful way to attract, engage, and retain patients. Top healthcare brands are using video advertising to meet patients where they are and to showcase their services to increase patient acquisition. However, understanding the patient’s journey is important in knowing how to craft winning video ads that will speak to the patient and help them take that next step in the process. 

As more than XX users have flocked to Facebook since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, leveraging their robust marketing platform can be a surefire way to increase marketing ROI across all video campaigns. The key will be in pinpointing which types of video ads to create, depending on your target audience’s level of awareness. 

Here are the five types of video ads to consider: 

  1. Building brand awareness. Many times those viewing your video ad on Facebook are unaware of your brand and what you have to offer. In this case, the video will need to clearly and compellingly establish your value proposition, in a way that is immediately relevant to your target audience. Perhaps your ideal patient has just moved into the area or you may be offering a brand new telehealth service. Either way, you’ll want to lead with who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. 
  1. Lead with their problem. Your ideal client may have an immediate health concern they need to be addressed. For example, they are suffering from back pain or they may be looking for ways to manage their weight. You can lead with their problem as a way to capture their attention and offer your services as the convenient solution they are looking for. 
  1. Showcase your unique solution. Most consumers fall into the “solution-aware” category, which means they have a problem and are aware of potential solutions to solve it. For example, a patient with back pain may be aware (and may have tried) of going to a chiropractor, taken pain medications, and perhaps considered surgery. If you have a unique solution (that they’ve never heard of or tried), then use that as the focus of your video ad, this can help with conversions. 
  1. Make your product or service stand out. Depending on your products or services, you may offer exactly what your ideal patient is already looking for. In this case, you’ll want to position those services front and center with a specific call to action to book an appointment. Additionally, highlighting any key differentiators that make your service better than others is also important. Perhaps you offer a free consultation, a discounted rate, more convenient hours, or a telehealth option. Whatever it is that can incrementally help your product or service stand out, be sure to highlight that at least twice in the video ad. 

These are just a few examples of how you can craft your Facebook video ads to stand out and to increase marketing ROI. The important thing to note is that video ads are limited to 6 minutes but should generally be in the 60-90 second range to both capture attention and to be highly compelling.  

Not sure where or how to get started with video advertising on Facebook? Let us connect and we’ll be happy to share some helpful and proven resources and strategies.