The Growing Role of Voice Technology 

The Growing Role of Voice Technology 

How consumers search for products and services online is quickly changing. As voice search technology has become more widespread with devices such as Alexa and Google Home, online marketers must shift and find innovative ways to stay current. With the number of smartphone users in the United States exceeding 270 million and as the use of voice search is expected to explode in the coming decade, voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri are likely to redefine how consumers search and buy through mobile devices. 

Here are the top reasons why voice technology can’t be ignored in your marketing. 

The popularity of voice search has only increased. Just two years ago, nearly 35 million Americans used some form of a voice-activated device. This figure alone represents over one billion voice searches each month. However, experts now estimate that in 2019, over 3.25 billion searches occurred each day. This rapid growth in just a few years helps to quantify the significant opportunity tapping into voice searches can play for the healthcare industry. This trend is only expected to intensify, as voice-activated technology evolves and becomes a staple in most homes and across all mobile devices. 

Voice search is changing how consumers find products and services. Whether it is using Alexa to locate the nearest hardware store or asking Siri to find massage therapists in the area, consumers are using voice search to quickly find what they need or want. In fact, Google has found that 62% of consumers regularly buy something through their voice-activated speaker at least once a month. And, this coupled with the fact that many voice search users are much more likely to consider buying from a store closest to their home, ensuring that your business comes up on any and all voice searches in your area is also very important. 

As technology continues to evolve and consumers seek out the most convenient search options possible, expect voice search to continue to be at the forefront of how consumers buy. That’s why finding proven and innovative ways to enhance your marketing efforts to best match how your target customer searches will be critical.  

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